Traffic Management

KPN Drives Two-Way, Real-Time Traffic Communications into the Fast Lane

Klarrio, in partnership with Dutch telco giant, KPN, and the Dutch government, has developed and launched the Data Services Hub (DSH), an advanced data-streaming solution that sets the standard for providing drivers and transportation ministries with real-time information on road conditions and traffic intelligence.

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Improving Traffic

The Netherlands is experiencing more cars on the road every year. It’s projected that traffic jams will increase from where they are today by 38% in 2021, causing a potentially staggering economic loss of €1,7 billion.

To address the challenge, Talking Traffic ( was formed as a collaboration between the Dutch government, 60 regional and local authorities, and private companies.

The objective was to create a platform that could integrate all traffic management systems across the country, such as lights, signs, parking, priority vehicles, and more, and to be able to communicate traffic information to and from commuters in real time.

The overriding goal was to reduce traffic jams on busy parts of the network by 20% and reduce peak-travel times by 10%. No existing platforms could address the required scale, bi-directional real-time communication, and secure multi-tenancy requirements.


As part of the collaboration, Klarrio and KPN were tasked with creating a streaming, cloud-native platform to enable real-time data processing for cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS). Traffic devices on the road could then “talk” to citizens via their smartphones and connected cars, and vice versa.

The result was the KPN DSH. The two-way communication solution provides citizens with signage, speed and traffic guidance, as well as alerts on traffic hazards, parking info, and the weather. It also enables time-to-green traffic optimisation, and gives faster priority access to emergency vehicles, among other critical pieces of information for drivers.

The Expertise

  • Massive data ingest
  • Data analytics
  • Real-time dashboards

The Technology behind

  • Cloud-native platform
  • Two-way data streaming
  • Thousands of sensors
Machine Learning
Data Aggregation
Data Dashboards
Cloud-Native Platform

“Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.”

— John Wooden


Managing millions of traffic data across the country

Thanks to the DSH, Talking Traffic can manage communication between 5,500 traffic lights, 2 million cars, 50,000 speed coils, parking meters, and all public transportation across the country.

Multiple tenants, all of which are collaborating partners with their own unique and secure internal networks, manage their specific containerised applications within the DSH themselves, and the system works securely with very low latency of less than 200 milliseconds.

“Klarrio is a group very talented engineers and experienced management who know all the ins and outs of IoT and data streaming. Not just platform and product knowledge, but true understanding on what technology is capable of and getting the most out of open source projects. Truly committed on meeting deadlines, proactive in their proposals and delivering high quality results. Not afraid to share knowledge based on experiences from the past and to provide direct feedback. If you are done with the high level product pitches and want to dive deep into the technology behind the cloud native data-driven companies, Klarrio is the company to go to.”

— Dennis GrootCommercial lead data driven solutions - Telecom Industry
traffic lights
million cars
speed coils, parking meters & all public transportation

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