2021-09-21 / Author: Kurt Jonckheer / 10 minutes read

When Digital Transformation Polarizes the Organization.

Digitalization requires a true understanding of how data can be used to make strategic business decisions going forward. Streaming data is the accelerator that allows you to make decisions faster than the competition.

In this white paper by our CEO, Kurt Jonckheer, you will learn about the so-called 'digital transformation process', and how this often polarizes an organization by adding, instead of reducing costs as initially envisioned or promised.

A must-read for anyone interested in future-focused decision making, and also, for those who are already in the cloud, or with a hybrid architecture and trying to optimize their processes and costs.

What You Will Learn
  • Better understanding about digital buzzwords
  • Moving to the cloud strategically and cost-effectively
  • Better way to control your own data
  • How data can be used to make strategic business decisions


Kurt Jonckheer, CEO, Klarrio

Kurt Jonckheer is CEO and co-founder at Klarrio, with extensive worldwide experience in business management. Passionate about innovation, disruptive technologies, flat organizations, and a ‘Get Sh!t Done’-attitude, with expertise in cloud native technology and go-to-market strategies.

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