2022-03-15 / Author: Dominique Chanet / 5 minutes read

Database Replication with Change Data Capture over Kafka.

Suppose you have built your operations around a solid (and probably costly) relational database like Oracle or MS SQL Server. Your business is growing, and the demands on the database are growing exponentially faster: not only is there a linear growth in the number of business transactions, but your Business Intelligence team is constantly coming up with new, exciting analyses and dashboards that, unfortunately, require you to run heavy queries against your database.

The database is creaking at the seams, and you can’t have that, because your business relies on it. Looks like the only option is to open your wallet, and pay Oracle or Microsoft another cool million for additional capacity, right?

Well, maybe not. This is what we will demonstrate in this white paper.

What You Will Learn
  • Learn about Debezium as a Source Connector.
  • How to build a combined Change Data Capture and replication system based on Kafka and Kafka Connect. 
  • Capture INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and TRUNCATE actions alike without difficulty.

  • Combining Debezium with a custom Sink Connector. 


Dominique Chanet, Lead Architect at Klarrio. 

Prior to that, he was a Software Architect in the CTO Office of Technicolor Connected Home, and member of the Technical Steering Committee of the AllSeen Alliance, which stewarded the open-source AllJoyn IoT project. Dominique holds a PhD in Computer Science from Ghent University, Belgium. 

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