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Klarrio presents tutorrio, the new place to learn, experiment and grow.

By August 25, 2022News, Press Release

Klarrio Unveils tutorrio Training Program to Address Poor Data Engineer Supply;
Free, On-site Curriculum Pays Candidates to “Earn as they Learn”

Sometimes things that appear to be too good to be true really are. And Klarrio’s tutorrio program just happens to be one of them.

According to Kurt Jonckheer, Chief Executive Officer, Klarrio launched tutorrio because he believes the time has come to level the playing field for everyone who has data-engineering talent, regardless of what their backgrounds or financial situations may be.

Data engineers have been on the list of most wanted profiles in the IT industry for years. The field is expected to grow exponentially in the next five years, and schools simply cannot bring enough data engineers to the market whose skills and knowledge meet industry demand. This means the need for skilled data engineers will likely exceed schools’ supply for many years to come.

“Numerous people want to study data engineering, but in many cases, they either can’t afford it, or they don’t have access to the hands-on training they need to develop their skills,” Bram Stes, lead coach at tutorrio said. “From now on, our goal is to fix that.”

Throughout the course, students will build a robust foundation in software engineering through a unique combination of on-site courses instructed by Klarrio experts, self-study, group assignments, and certified training.

The program begins by introducing candidates to computer science fundamentals, computing systems, software design & programming, computer networks, and data handling. Next, the training extends to data-intensive computing, data fabrics, and the design and development of data-intensive applications.

What differentiates tutorrio from other offerings is Klarrio’s belief in open-source technology, while addressing cloud economics and the ethical considerations regarding data. The program offers ample opportunities to play and experiment while learning advanced skills that enhance the trainees’ ability to succeed.

Said Jonckheer: “Our main goal is to immerse gifted candidates in the overall concepts of data engineering, and how to select the right solutions, at the right time, and in an optimal way to future-proof their careers.” 

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